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Maslow's Hierarchy is passé

In obedience with a rationale-driven mindfulness, relevant to mention is my reason for expressing any of this, more so in a public way. Of all the things I’ve had the fortune of experiencing, writing is one of the most gratifying, the reasons for which I will cover at another time. The gratification from the process (or journey) of writing has however been dulled by others’ attachment to the outcome (or destination) mostly involving sidelining quality and an over-emphasis on the commerce.

But writing, still being about communication, demands an audience. Unattached to whether or not I find such an audience or who such an audience might be still meant I needed to introspect what I wanted to write about next. That is what has taken me, if you didn’t already guess it, two-and-a-half years to figure out. The conclusion is to write what has most meaning to me. All with the general idea of articulating the philosophies that help me understand myself and make sense of the world. The audience first and foremost is myself but should anyone else chance upon the content, I’d consider myself privileged to receive feedback. Knowing how another might think differently will undoubtedly pave the way to evolving my thoughts and hence furthering my understanding of the topics.

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