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With the Book Club @ The Palms, Gurugram

From Software Engineer to Writer

Developing a Psychologist's character

Who do I relate to the most?

Unputdownable! Yet again...

On writing from a Psychologist's perspective

On sadness

Gurgaon Lit Fest @ Cyber Hub, Gurugram

Speaking at the city where I spent my "wonder years" was both a privilege and a delight, thanks to the organizers' immaculate curation and organization of the event. The illustrious and eclectic speakers spoke on various challenging topics to do with mental health and kept the audience rapt.

Here's a few snippets from my panel on "Marriage and Mental Health", sharing my thoughts on relationships and happiness.

Thanks Shabri Prasad for everything :)


#DarkBlossom being awarded the "Best Romantic Thriller" definitely sweetened the deal :)

Book Reading Hosted @ The A, Mumbai

Love loss and betrayal

Gender in voice

I am Sam!

It's romantic!

On the ending

On the contribution to IIMPACT

Campus Tours

Ashoka University


Amity University


Times Lit Fest @ Jayamahal Palace, Bengaluru


My first ever speaking engagement at a Lit Fest and I wasn't sure quite what to expect. But even if I had voiced my wildest expectations, they would have easily been surpassed, and how!


From the organization and the hospitality to the aesthetics and the attendees, there was little left to the imagination as the organizers had created an idyllic setting for the cultural cornucopia.

Could it have been anything else, I ask myself, when I was in the luminous company of folks such as Amitabha Bagchi, Amrita Mahale, Harshali Singh, Manu S. Pillai, Nayantara Sahgal, Priya Malik, Richa Mukherjee, Sharif D. Rangnekar, Sushmita Mukherjee, and Wendell Rodricks?

I was fortunate enough to be speaking at two sessions that were both equally well-attended. One on "Why I Write, What I Write" and the other on "Young India Writing". 

Q: If your writing was a mathematical symbol, which one would it be?

A: The infinity loop... because it's a continuous cycle of improvement.

Here's a short snippet of me speaking to the impact of social media on culture and society.

Thanks Vinita Dawra Nangia for everything :)

Book Reading Hosted by GLiterARTi

It would have been an exceptionally cold and grey Saturday afternoon had it not been for the lovely people of Gurugram. Organized by the energetic team at Rupa Publications, the discussion was hosted by Meenakshi Nath Sharma, the founder of GLiterARTi, Gurugram's premier literary club.

Even though the original guest list was restricted to the dozen members of the club, more than five times as many showed up to keep the conversation warm and glowing. Meenakshi also turned up the heat with her insightful questions.