• Neel Mullick

Never What It Seems

Near is the coming, not going with ease;

Way too wrinkled, one too many a crease.

Broken in places, still I grew;

Cracked like a sieve, light shimmering through.

Of skin and tissue, allegedly unable to feel;

Look inside you'll see, that really, I'm unable to heal.

Grew up under a shadow, amidst cheers to stand tall;

Dug deep but, there too, a shortfall.

Only wanted to help; settled on shallow and spread;

Now I'm dead in the center, as I'm lain to bed.

An unsent prayer is all I have left;

... .. .... ...., ... . .. .... . .....

Note: I have deliberately left the last line unsaid. What do you think this poem is about?


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