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Win Trip 2 NY (or anywhere else in the world!) *1 *2


Return flight to NY (Business Class)

Return flight to NY (Economy Class)

iPad Mini 4 (128GB / WiFi)

*1 Terms & Conditions do apply. Let's face it, without rules there's just anarchy!
*2 Think NY is passé? Should you win, the author will work with you to find a destination that excites you.

Sit back... Relax... and Read Dark Blossom!

DB cover hi res-OPTIMIZED.jpg

Answer only one question...

and you could win the trip of a lifetime!

But you must read Dark Blossom to be able to answer it.

Not only does it promise to be a gratifying read, but also half of all royalties go to a deserving non-profit.


You couldn't wish for happier reading!​

Amazon (India)
Amazon (UK)
Amazon (US)

Answer Only One Question... and Enjoy Your Flight! **4

*3 You can also compete by simply sending your responses to all the questions above on WhatsApp @ +91 94991 66324
*4 Answering these questions qualifies you for the second and third prizes. Complete the next step to be eligible for the grand prize!

Follow the author on social media! *5

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Follow him on on Facebook

Congratulations! You're now eligible for the grand prize.

*5 Yes! He's insecure. Besides, he's also picky about whom he likes (He wasn't terribly sure but went with 'whom' nonetheless!)

Show your love and avoid a tie!

What if your answer is really, really good but so is someone else's? The author is going to be left with little choice but to favour the person who likes him more.

Now, if you are confident that your answer is exceptional, sit back, relax, and hopefully you'll enjoy the flight. However, if you are even a teeny bit insecure (not unlike the author)...

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Follow him on Amazon and leave Dark Blossom a smashing review.

Stay on top of the game!

In today's competitive world it's all about staying tuned! Besides, the more you like the author, the more he is likely to reciprocate. So you might also want to...

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on Instagram, and 

He will be posting different updates, contests, and giveaways across these platforms! He could even pop by a cafe or a bookstore near you. You might not want to miss out on the chance to ask him questions that could help you with your journey... and the destination! Now who promises that these days? 


Terms and Conditions: *6

1. The competition is open to everyone. Yes, we're not stuck up! 

2. The author is the final adjudicator of all aspects of the competition. What else were you thinking?! It ain't the Oscars.

3. Winners will be adjudicated based on the quality of their answers. But only after the sales of the book cross a million, so be sure to buy a copy for friends, family, and neighbours. Just kidding! Winners will be announced either within a year of publication or when the author gets tired.

4. Only one entry per person is allowed. The right to having multiple personalities is reserved solely by the author. And don't worry, the author has ways to corroborate your real persona with the original entry – he wasn't born yesterday. Participants found to be indulging in fraudulent behavior shall be disqualified. Yes, the author is known also to be pompous at times.

5. The author is either very reasonable or wants you to believe that till you buy his books. Should you prove victorious and the destination not excite you, he will work with you to choose an alternative destination.

6. There is only one each of the three prizes. The monetary value of the first prize is capped at USD 2700 and that of the second prize at USD 1200. The author needs to do this since he still needs food and shelter for sustenance. Obtaining visas will not be his responsibility – it has been struggle enough to get one for himself.

7. This is the iPad Mini 4. Link is being provided because these folk are introducing models faster than a fat kid chasing an ice-cream truck but much slower than the speed at which you'll be turning the pages of Dark Blossom!

8. In order to further reinforce the author's professed flexibility, he will need to ensure that the legitimate winners are indeed the ones redeeming the prizes but will be happy to grant the prizes to whomsoever the winners may nominate, including cash equivalents only to charities of their choice.

9. The competition is sponsored by the author and he indemnifies all other parties against any liabilities arising out of it. This line was copied from a random legal document and the author has no clue what it means.

10. The author reserves the right to 'evolve' these terms and conditions at his sole discretion. In layperson terms what that means is in case of an argument, you lose and he wins!

11. The author is not a lawyer but has used common sense for these terms and conditions. Please enjoy the process and hopefully the prize. Don't be a @#$% and ruin it for him and the others. The author was going for the word "pain" but he likes where you're at!

*6 The author wanted to make the font smaller.
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